Infrastructure Project Development


The success of build-operate-transfer (BOT), build-operate-own(BOO) and public-private partnership (PPP) approaches has changed the traditional contractor’s role from that of a service provider to a business partner in the operation of an enterprise.

In these approaches to the development of infrastructure Kharafi National, in conjunction with joint venture partners or as part of a consortium, is responsible for providing services that include the financing, design, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of a project.

The concessionaire for these types of projects operates as an independent business organization contractually accountable for a series of technical, operational and service related goals.

Kharafi National has expanded its strategic areas of business in construction and in the operation and maintenance of capital projects to build its presence in the emerging field of privatized projects. The company is involved in both BOT and BOO projects. These types of business utilize the company’s strengths in construction and in the operation of facilities and at the same time expand the company’s expertise and resources in financing and general business operations.

These projects typically have a concession period of 20 to 30 years, which provides a business life and income stream much longer than that yielded by the typical construction project and provides stability and service continuity for Kharafi National.