HVAC Fabrication Workshop

HVAC Fabrication Workshop

KN Duct Fabrication Workshop is a division of Fabrication Services of the Kharafi National Kuwait.

KN Duct Fabrication Workshop has more than 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry for manufacturing various types of HVAC air movement products.

KN Duct Fabrication Workshop has a reputation for consistent high-quality work, precise delivery scheduling and moderate pricing.Our activities excellence in performance without compromising the Health and Safety of its manpower and environment.

We are willing to make available HVAC duct specialist knowledge on all aspects and can assist contractors for specific ducting requirements.

At presently we represents majority of HVAC contractors in the region by constant delivery and service of excellent products.


Kharafi National Duct Fabrication Workshop HVAC ducting products manufactured to exacting standards using the finest materials and the latest construction techniques.

Our products are with accurate tolerance level that make it easy to assemble and excellent installation to the contractors.

We manufactures HVAC air movement products fully compliance with the procedures of  ISO 9001:2008 system.

The HVAC duct work systems for air movements around buildings are generally Constructed to the SMACNA , HVAC guide DW, ASTM which is the document covering a wide range of construction standards in the manufacture of sheet metal duct work for use in low, medium and high pressure applications and includes various methods of jointing, stiffening and supporting of the duct work.


Kharafi National Duct Fabrication Workshop’s modern and comprehensive working facilities are operated by a team of experts who consistently achieve reliable , efficient and safe fabrication,machine operation and loading.

Kharafi National Duct Fabrication Workshop employs several skilled fabricators, mechanics, technicians.Each week we organizes safety training for all our employees. At these sessions attendees are given precise description of all quipments and how they should be controlled to ensure the safety.


Kharafi National Duct Fabrication Workshop is equipped with various range of latest automation machines specially for HVAC duct works fabrication.

Our improved machinery and construction makes for outstanding performance for our products with quick and accurate production.

Our latest machineries helps us to facilitate our customers with high standard HVAC ducting products with exceptionally low leakage and extremely efficient.

Major Equipments:

Our some major HVAC ducting specific fabrication equipments are

    • Fully automated coil line
    • Computerized plasma cutting machine, with two cutting beds.
    • Spiral welding machine
    • Stich welding machine
    • TDF roll forming machine
    • Pittsburg & pocket joint roll forming machine
    • Cleat former machine
    •  Shearing machines
    • Electrical folding machine (Adjustable degree)
    • Press break bending machine
    • Spot welding machine
    • Flanging machine
    • Round rolling machine
    • Elbow making machine
    • Swaging machine


We manufactures various types and models HVAC air movement products made of galvanized sttel, stainless steel and aluminum.

    • Square and rectangular ducts and fittings
    • Round spiral duct and fittings
    • Fire rated ducts
    • Volume control dampers
    • Motorized dampers
    • Sound attenuators
    • Sand trap louvers
    • Pressure relief dampers
    • Plenum boxes
    • Access doors and etc..


Kharafi National Duct Fabrication Workshop is the Sound Attenuator manufacturing licensee holder of dB NOISE REDUCTION INC, CANADA for GCC including Lebanon, Syria and all Middle East countries.

Kharafi National Duct Fabrication Workshop is the authorized manufacturing licensee holder of  Flamebar BW11 Fire rated duct system from FIRE SPRAY,UK with in the STATE OF KUWAIT only.


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