Facility Management

Facilities Management - Institutional & Commercial

Kharafi National Facilities Management Operations provide comprehensive and integrated services for commercial and industrial building systems, installations and facilities.

At Kharafi National we believe that every facility is unique and we treat each one with individual care and attention. Our Facilities Management Operations provide customized solutions that meet both the regular and the special needs of each client and take fiduciary responsibility for protecting and prolonging the lifespan of their major capital investments.

Our Facilities Management Operations integrate all the functions needed to support the daily operations of a facility and provide a one-stop source for quality design, operation, and maintenance by offering a truly comprehensive range of Transformational Facilities Management services.

Our integrated services provide our clients with the advantage of a single point of contact and the freedom to concentrate on their core business in the knowledge that the operation of their facilities or installations is being capably managed by an experienced and qualified professional team.

Our systems and procedures not only improve on standard practice but achieve best practice using innovation and customized solutions that fit our customers’ unique requirements and exceed their expectations.

Our commitment to excellence has made Kharafi National the most respected Facilities Management service provider in the region and gained us an unbeatable reputation for providing cost-effective project management services, for maximizing the value of assets while minimizing operating costs, for creating customized solutions that result in more effective operations, and for maximizing employee productivity.

Our Facilities Management people are adept at analyzing facility operations and in offering recommendations to improve both productivity and risk management – right from the inception of a project.

Facilities Management Operations are active in special projects, ie projects involving an uncommon process, technique or material, or projects that must be executed within a particularly tight time-frame. Special projects usually require the provision of a wide variety of distinctive services, as well as remodelling, redesign, renovation and construction works.

Facilities Managements Operations’ client references represent a cross-section of the most prominent private and public institutions in the region.

We will continue to build on our reputation as a consistent and reliable Company that values our clients and employees, thereby ensuring on-time delivery with the highest levels of safety and quality that will not be compromised.

Facilities Management – Industrial Services

The KN Facilities Management − Industrial Services (FM-IS) business line delivers multi-disciplinary services to a wide range of industries in mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and controls, communication, water and wastewater applications. This business unit is a leading one-stop-shop for industrial services including plant operation, maintenance and solutions.

FM-IS undertakes plant operation and maintenance (O&M), key performance indicator (KPI) based maintenance, annual and long-term maintenance, proactive, preventive and shutdown maintenance on a full responsibility basis, modernization, modification and extension works, retrofits, refurbishment and repair works, emergency repair works, and scaffolding services, and delivers systems and solutions. These services are offered to all industrial facilities and clients throughout the GCC and MENA regions.

FM-IS has a presence in the following industrial sectors:

  • Oil and gas (up-stream and down-stream)
  • Petrochemicals
  • Power (power plants and desalination plants)
  • Power transmission and distribution
  • Water (pumping and lifting stations, booster stations and water networks)
  • Wastewater (sewage treatment, reclamation plants, pumping and lifting stations, and wastewater networks)
  • Civil Infrastructure, such as road and storm-water drainage networks
  • O&M and multi-disciplinary service contracts for BOT, BOOT, BOO and PPP infrastructure projects
  • Infrastructure and other industries.

The FM-Industrial Service Operations has acquired vast experience, expertise and capabilities in complete industrial services and solutions, technical support, and engineering services. Indeed, its very high standards for quality, safety and reliability have set the benchmarks for the industries in which it operates.

The delivery of FM-Industrial Services operations has been organized into several service disciplines:

Industrial maintenance

The division undertakes multi-disciplinary (viz, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and controls, and communication) and large-scale single-disciplinary maintenance services for all industries. Its expertise in an array of services is extensive and includes, among others:

  • Industrial maintenance services for all industries
  • Complete shutdowns – on a full responsibility basis, including general refinery turn-arounds (GRTAs)
  • Unit shutdowns – on a full responsibility basis
  • Scaffolding services.

KN’s Scaffolding Unit is part of the company’s support services. It caters for the scaffolding requirements of a variety of projects.

The Scaffolding Unit has stocks of approximately 4.8 million cubic meters of scaffolding materials stored in a 70,000 sq m yard, which are handled by 1400 trained and certified scaffolders and 184 supervisory and managerial staff.


FM-IS Mechanical Services provides a complete range of systems and solutions in the mechanical disciplines for all industries as follows:

  • Boilers, heat exchangers and cooling systems
  • Air pre-heaters
  • Maintenance, servicing and overhaul of stationary equipment
  • Maintenance, trouble-shooting and overhaul of rotary equipment
  • Catalyst and life support management
  • Hydro jetting and hydro testing
  • Valves, valve reconditioning and installation
  • Surface preparation and protection
  • Filters
  • Insulation services
  • Specialized services
  • Piping fabrication, modification and welding services.


FM-IS Electrical Services provides a complete range of systems and solutions for the power transmission and distribution (T&D) and metering segments of the industry, as follows:

  • EHV sub-stations, GIS switch gears
  • MV & LV sub-stations, distribution systems, RMUs
  • Transformers (power and distribution)
  • Overhead transmission lines
  • Power cables (EHV, HV, XLPE)
  • Switchgear services
  • Motors and drives (soft-starter and VFD) services
  • Street lighting services
  • Sub-station protection
  • Energy/smart metering, AMR solutions
  • Event logger, fault recording, earthing systems.

Instrumentation and controls (I&C)

FM-IS Instrumentation & Controls Services delivers in process automation applications across all industries. These include system design and architecture, software configuration, hardware integration, system testing, supply, and installation, testing, commissioning and after-sales services.

The range of I&C services and solutions include the following:

  • DCS, PLC, SCADA, management information systems (MIS)
  • Analyzer technology and emissions monitoring
  • Water analytic systems
  • Flame scanner and combustion detection
  • Performance and condition monitoring
  • DC systems, ie, UPS, batteries and chargers, and LV systems
  • Substation controls, automation/SCADA
  • Fire fighting maintenance
  • Control rooms.


FM-IS Communication Services offers the engineering, design and programme management capabilities required for full deployment support across all telecommunication technologies. Our services include end-to-end network deployment, from network planning through commissioning and optimization to after-sales services.

The range of communication services and solutions includes:

Wireless networks:

  • Satellite communication services
  • Microwave and digital radio networks
  • GSM and CDMA cellular networks
  • VHF, UHF – conventional and trunking radio networks
  • Broadband solutions – LAN/WANS and VPN networks
  • Fleet management technology and special solutions.

Wire line networks:

  • Fibre-optic metro and long-haul networks
  • Broadband solutions
  • PABX, VOIP and billing platforms
  • Security and SCADA networks
  • Inside and outside plant systems
  • Camera surveillance, CCTV and recording services.

Sewage works & water networks

The division has vast experience and extensive references for the delivery of water and wastewater services to the following types of facilities:

  • Sewage treatment and reclamation plants
  • Pumping stations, lifting stations and booster stations
  • Water and wastewater network maintenance services, modification and repair works
  • Desalination and water treatment services
  • Water purification and filtering
  • Civil repair of box culverts, sea outfalls and pipe-line repairs.

Value added services

At Kharafi National, we strongly believe in the value of co-operation and in developing strategic partnerships with leading technology providers across the globe in order to deliver value-added services to our clients in each discipline and industry in which we are active. This enables our clients to have access to global technology coupled with local service competence and enhanced response times, which satisfy their needs for quality services and ultimately contribute to the overall performance, availability and efficiency of their plants.

FM – Industrial Services has developed several technology partnerships and value added reseller (VAR) arrangements, as well as OEM certified services and system applicator status, in each discipline in which it is active with leading global companies in systems, solutions and niche technologies.

Client references

Kharafi National’s commitment to excellence has made the FM- Industrial Services the most respected facilities management service provider in the region, with an unbeatable reputation for providing cost-effective services, for maximizing the value of client assets while minimizing operating costs, and for creating customized solutions that result in more effective operations. FM-IS client references represent a cross-section of the most prominent private and public institutions in the GCC and MENA regions.