Equipment Division

Equipment Division

The Equipment Division supports and services all the equipment and vehicles needs of KN’s projects and departments. More than 80% of the plant and equipment used on the company’s projects is owned and maintained in-house by the division.

The Equipment Division (ED) is head-quartered in Kuwait where it has 40,000sq m of offices and storage facilities, and 7,500sq m of covered high-tech workshops, in the Mina Abdullah Industrial area. The division also has branches in the UAE, Egypt and Lebanon that support project operations in those countries.

ED supplies KN projects with vehicles and equipment that are efficient and cost-effective, and that are rules compliant, ie, they meet all local and international operating ordinances and health and safety regulations. By keeping abreast of the latest technological developments, the division can supply equipment and vehicles that are appropriate to the needs of projects.

To enable projects to meet their deadlines, the division delivers their requirements in a timely fashion. Centrally maintained equipment certification and safety records allow the division to verify quality, compatibility and on-site availability at any time.

The Equipment Division carefully monitors new projects at the tender stage for any special requirements for equipment. It assists projects and departments in putting their operational ideas into practice, and delivers support services for special or additional needs. This enables it to forecast future equipment needs, and to purchase new units and arrange the associated manpower requirements in advance.

The KN Fleet

The total quantity of equipment and motor vehicles owned by Kharafi National exceeds 6,000 units. The Equipment Division acquires, receives commissions, maintains, repairs, and manages these assets throughout their economic life.

ED has a fleet of more than 133 mobile cranes, with capacities ranging from 7.5 to 350mt. It also has 18 crawler craneswith capacities of 85 to 250mt, and eight 6-tonne tower cranes. The cranes are supported by a rigging section that can handle all kinds of heavy lifts.

The division also has a fleet of Nicolas modular hydraulic self propelled and towing trailers, in which each axle has a capacity of 34mt. These are used to transport extremely heavy and bulky loads – of up to 250mt each – throughout Kuwait. The Nicolas trailers are complemented with a full range of low- and flat-bed trailers. Other road equipment includes dump trucks, carrier trucks and maintenance vehicles, as well as water, diesel and sewage tankers. ED also has a full range of pick-up trucks, half-lorries, vans, jeeps and saloon cars, and staff buses.

To meet the requirements of Kharafi National’s projects, ED supplies and maintains full fleets of handling equipment, earth-moving equipment, civil and road construction equipment, air-supply units, power generation and pipe-line equipment, as well as a vast range of miscellaneous equipment such as testing machines, trolleys and winches.

Maintenance & Repairs

To ensure ready availability of parts and technical support wherever the company is operating, all KN equipment bears internationally recognized brand names. These include well-know marques such as Demag, Grove, Liebherr, Manitowoc, Mercedes, Nissan, JCB, Case, Clark, Miller, Atlascopco, Tata, Ashok Leyland, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Hino, National Crane, Manitex, Caterpillar, Ingersoll Rand, Titan, Wirtgen, and Bomag.

The Equipment Division executes planned maintenance and repair schedules in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendation – but modified for the harsh working environment of the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East and the type of industry in which the equipment is being used. Its computer systems enable it to follow up maintenance and repair histories with complete accuracy.

ED has standardised the spare parts it uses and has entered into agreements with major suppliers for items such as Michelin tires, Fleetguard filters, and Bridon wire ropes for cranes. By stocking optimum quantities of selected spare parts, the division minimises equipment down-time and ensures the smooth execution of projects.

The Equipment Division’s preventive maintenance and fleet management system enable it to ensure that all items in the fleet are always in top working condition. To minimize down-time, temporary workshop facilities are set up on major project sites. Mobile maintenance crews monitor day-to-day activities at minor projects.

Skilled Operators

To maintain, repair and operate its very broad range of equipment and vehicles, the Equipment Division employs engineers, several mechanics, technicians, hundreds of operators and riggers.

As well as undergoing in-house training, ED engineers and mechanics are trained at suppliers’ factories, ensuring that they have the skills needed to maintain and repair all KN’s equipment and vehicles.

ED’s technicians, operators and riggers are trained and certified by the major crane manufactures and third party certification authorities. The division’s skilled rigging section provides heavy lift and special rigging services for projects using Lift Planner software, which is fully integrated with its range of cranes and enhances the rigging operation.

Operator Development Policy

Each week the Equipment Division organizes safety training for its operators and drivers. At these sessions attendees are given precise descriptions of all equipment and how they should be controlled. This essential knowledge, combined with an awareness of traffic regulations and a defensive driving attitude, ensures that KN drivers operate as safely as possible both off- and on-site.

ED also organizes regular training for riggers and crane operators using audio and video presentations. These sessions are followed with practical tests that have been certified by Bureau Veritas or Germanischer Lloyds, for which attendees receive certificates.

The on-going educational training programmes delivered by Equipment Division ensure that the skills and attitudes of its operators and drivers match the quality of the Division’s equipment.

Kharafi National’s well-maintained equipment, manned by properly trained operators and drivers, ensures safe and efficient operations at all times. It eliminates down-time due to machine failure and accidents and so protects the valuable time of KN clients.