Kharafi National’s EPC Operations Group focuses on developing and executing major projects throughout the Middle East in the water, infrastructure and environmental, power and MEP building services sectors.

EPC Operations is highly successful because its staff members include motivated and dedicated individuals who listen to a client in order to understand his objectives and expectations before offering innovative solutions that minimize risk. EPC Operations then bring to bear the experienced internal and external specialists capable of overcoming project challenges. Having a full range of expertise throughout the whole EPC process has placed Kharafi National in a predominat position in the industry in the Middle East.

EPC Operation’s expertise covers project management, life-cycle solutions, basic and conceptual engineering, detailed engineering, procurement, traffic and logistics, installation, testing, commissioning and initial start-up across a broad spectrum of projects. Access to Kharafi National’s magnificent resources in engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance, coupled with in-house fabrication and equipment capabilities, has put EPC Operations in a position to offer a ‘one-stop’ shop in the management and delivery of EPC projects.

Water projects

Alliances with major international companies have enabled EPC Operations to develop advanced techniques and treatment systems for waste-water and potable water and build its water business lines into a major area of expertise.

This expertise covers a full range of municipal water activities from pumping and lifting stations, transmission systems, treatment plants and storage to distribution and systems operations. EPC Operations has extensive experience in biological, chemical and reverse osmosis systems for treating, reclaiming and purifying water. Its proven expertise extends to the membrane treatment of surface water, brackish water and sea-water.

Infrastructure and environmental projects

Kharafi National is well aware of society’s obligation to pass on a clean environment to the next generation. The company understands the need for sustainable energy resources and works with both governments and the private sector to minimize the impact of man’s activities on the environment by maximizing recycling processes and solutions.

EPC Operations has proven expertise in solid waste management, the management of hazardous and toxic waste, landfills and land use, waste-water irrigation, and other sustainable systems that help preserve a liveable environment for future generations.

Power projects

By utilizing specialist engineering consultants, EPC Operations offers innovative solutions that meet client requirements in HV, MV and LV power generation and distribution, power plants, GIS and grid connections, interfaces with end users, and integrated control systems.

Building services

EPC Operations works with clients to devise the most efficient and effective MEP solutions for residential and offices complexes, shopping malls and commercial centres, hospitals, airports, ports and naval bases, hotels and resorts, universities, telecommunication towers, street lighting and traffic signals, material handling complexes, and district cooling plants.

EPC Operations either develops a bespoke system or works with a client’s engineering team to validate an overall design. It can also provide added value, where required, through value engineering and constructability techniques.

EPC Operation’s proven expertise includes mechanical services, HVAC, piping, fire protection and detection, plumbing, power generation and distribution, instrument and control and advanced building management systems.

Years of challenging experience, unmatched manpower and equipment resources, and well-established relationships with international engineering consultants, has made Kharafi National the premier local EPC contractor in Kuwait and the Middle East.