Central Stores

Central Stores

Kharafi National operates an integrated materials management system that complies with the procedural requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and which covers:

  • the reception, inspection, reporting on, and control of materials;
  • material storage and preservation; and product identification and traceability.

The company’s central stores in Kuwait have a foot-print of 48,000sq m, including 17,000sq m of covered store and 31,000sq m of open yards. These stores are equipped with heavy duty multi-storey, cantilever racking and are serviced by advanced material handling equipment and security systems. Kharafi National has storage facilities in all the countries in which it operates.

There are separate stores for the control of spares parts for the Equipment Division and the company maintains spare parts inter-changeability records provided by its equipment suppliers. Material stores for the fabrication workshops are linked with ABJ’s Material Requirements Planning System which controls the manufacturing process.

These stores and the material management system are operated by a multi-national staff consisting of more than 300 engineers, supervisors, store keepers, and warehousemen, who have the experience and resources required to handle all the company’s inventory needs.

Kharafi National’s material management system handles in excess of 160,000 items annually to serve the needs of more than 200 projects across the Middle East and Africa. The company follows uniform material coding and standardization practices for product identification and traceability. This involves controlling over US$300 million worth of materials procured by the company each year and over US$1 billion worth of client-supplied free issue materials.

The company’s monthly stores transactions exceed 5,500 receipts and 4,500 issues and transfers of material and parts. The material management and inventory control operations are computerized with ATS and Oracle ERP’s inventory modules.

Manufacturers’ recommendations for material preservation are strictly followed and goods are stored in temperature-controlled warehouses where this is required. Kharafi National utilizes professional material management tools, including selective inventory control, vendor managed inventory and consignment stock.