Calibration Laboratory

Calibration Laboratory

Kharafi National’s Calibration Laboratories are in-house centers of excellence for the calibration of all types of measuring and monitoring devices used on projects. Each operational area in Kuwait, the UAE and Egypt has its own calibration laboratory to ensure that all monitoring and measuring devices are fit for use and are maintained to suitably accurate and acceptable standards.

At Kharafi National, the use of only properly calibrated devices is of the utmost importance. It is corporate policy that all measuring and monitoring devices needed on projects are purchased, owned, maintained and regularly calibrated by Calibration Laboratories. The projects take monitoring and measuring devices from their local laboratory, use them as required, and then return them to the laboratory for recalibration on the due dates.


Calibration services

The laboratories are equipped with master calibrators, calibration software and supporting reference standards. The master calibrators are traceable to national and international standards. The laboratories have fully trained engineers, technicians and support staff to ensure a high quality of service and the range of calibration equipment is truly comprehensive.


The laboratories have over 7,700 different types of monitoring and measuring devices to support projects.
Besides manual calibration procedures, the laboratories have more than 1,500 Fluke MET/CAL procedures for the calibration of different types of instruments.
The laboratory in Kuwait has an Infrared Thermal Imaging camera that is used for predictive maintenance

The laboratories can undertake the calibration of instruments on site if required. They can also make arrangements for third party calibrations of specialized instruments if the required resources are not available in-house.

The laboratories also undertake various on-site services other than the calibration of instruments on behalf of clients.

Type of measuring and monitoring devices 

The laboratories operate using leading master instruments in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 10012:2003 international standards, and provide calibration and maintenance services for the following groups of instruments:


Master Calibrators

Calibration Laboratories are equipped with master measuring and calibration equipment which are calibrated against measurement standards traceable to international or national measurement standards as given below:

FLUKE 5320A Multi Function Electrical Tester Calibrator
Powertek SD 1000 Phase Angle Meter FLUKE 5500A Calibrator
FLUKE 5520A Calibrator
FLUKE 8508A Multi-meter
HP 53131A Counter
VIRTEK 4670A HV Tester up to 70kV
AC/DC High Voltage Divider 150kV
IET LABS VRS 100 High Resistance Standard
with MET/CAL 8.0 Software
TROEMNER-Weight Set-500g 7419 (OIML Class E2)
Ohaus XS205DU Weighing Balance 220g
Mettler Toledo MS32001L/01 Weighing Balance 32.2kg
Omega Bench top Wind Tunnel with Indicator
Omega FMA 1001A-V1 Anemometer
MITUTOYO – Gauge Block Sets (Metric and Imperial)
Steel Angle set
Scale and Tape Calibration Unit
MITUTOYO – HMC 1000H Check Master
MITUTOYO – CD 300 Depth Micro Checkers
NORBAR – Torque Tool Tester 7.5-1500 Nm
DYNAMIC INST. – DI803 Vibration Transducer Tester
TROEMNER – Weight Set 1g to 40kg, OIML Class F1
TRU-STONE – Granite Surface Plate, Grade AA
PCWI – Coating Thickness Gauge Standard
AIRFLOW – UA30 Ultrasonic Anemometer
FLUKE P3023-MBAR-P Dead Weight Tester
BUDENBERG – 580DX Hydraulic DWT 1-700 bar, Class A
BUDENBERG – 554A Pneumatic DWT 0.2 to 25 bar, Class A
BUDENBERG – 551A Pneumatic DWT -1 to 1 bar, Class A
DRUCK – Pressure Bench 0 to 2, 20, 70 bar
FLUKE 4181 Infrared Calibrator
FLUKE 9173 Metrology Well
HART SCIENTIFIC – 1560 Black Stack Thermometer (-200°C to 962°C)
with Standard 5626PRT probe (-200ºC to 661ºC)
and High Temperature Standard 5624PRT probe (0ºC to 1000º)
and Secondary 5608PRT probe (-200ºC to 500ºC)
HART SCIENTIFIC – 1521 Thermometer (-200°C to 960°C)
with Reference 5612PRT probe
HART SCIENTIFIC – 9132 Infrared Calibrator (50°C to 500°C)
HART SCIENTIFIC – 7340 Bath Calibrator (-40°C to 150°C)
HART SCIENTIFIC – 6330 High Precision Bath (35°C to 350°C)
TECHNE – LCB5 Bath Calibrator (25°C to 250°C)
HART SCIENTIFIC – 9173 Dry Metrology Well (50°C to 700°C)
ISOTECH – Pegasus 1200B, Dry Block Calibrator (150°C to 1200°C)
VAISALA – HMK-15 Humidity Calibrator
Calibration Gases H2S, Cl2, CH4, C4H10, CO, O2
Calibration Laboratories provide calibration and certification services for the following instruments:

Clamp Meters
Insulation Resistance Testers
Earth Resistance Testers
Loop Testers
Process Calibrators
Circuit Breaker Test Sets
Oil Test Sets
Relay Test Sets
High Voltage Test Sets
Current Injection Test Sets
Holiday Detectors
Decade Resistance Boxes
LCR Meters
Phase Sequence Indicators
Frequency Meters & Pulse Generators


Calibration Laboratories provide calibration and certification for the following mechanical instruments:


Vernier Calipers
Dial Gauges
Depth Gauges
Height Gauges
Measuring Tape
Steel Scale


Dead Weight Testers
Pressure Calibrators
Pressure Indicators
Pressure Gauges
Vacuum Gauges
Pressure Recorders
Pressure Transducers
Pressure Transmitters
Pressure Switches


Torque Wrenches
Coating Thickness Gauges
Vibration Meters
Weighing Balances
Tachometer (Mechanical)
Angle Measuring Devices


Calibration Laboratories provide calibration and certification services for the following temperature-related instruments:

Temperature Calibrators
Temperature & Humidity Meters
Thermometers (all kinds)
RTD & TC Meters & Calibrators
Dry Block Calibrators
Liquid Bath Calibrators
PT100 Probes
TC Probes
Temperature Controllers
Temperature Transmitters
Infrared Thermometers


Calibration Laboratories provide calibration and certification services for the following chemical-related instruments:

Single Gas Monitors
Multi Gas Monitors
pH Meters
Conductivity Meters


Calibration Laboratories provide calibration and certification services for the following humidity-related instruments:

Whirling Hygrometers
Humidity Recorders
Humidity Meters

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Calibration Laboratories has acquired a state-of-the-art thermal imaging camera FLIR ThermaCAM P60, an advance tool in predictive and preventive maintenance. Infrared thermography is non-contact (remote sensing), two dimensional and real time.

Trained and certified engineers and technicians are available for onsite inspections, analysis and report issuance for predictive or preventive maintenance and troubleshooting in numerous applications. Calibration Laboratories offers onsite services in the following areas among others:

High voltage equipment such as breakers, bus bars, transformers for hot connections, load imbalances, etc
Finding hidden problems in thousands of connections and terminations in control and low voltage panels
Motor windings, shafts and bearings
Over-heated conductors on printed circuits boards
Building cooling and heat losses
HVAC unit problems
Flange leaking in pressurized tanks and pipe lines
Pump bearing, coupling misalignments
Mechanical friction
Tank sediment and sediment along the lengths of pipes
Valve conditions in the petrochemical industry, etc
Insulation defects, sediment in pipelines
Fluid flow problems

For newly installed or repaired equipment Calibration Laboratories can collect base-line data (ideal working conditions) and then regularly monitor the condition of the equipment as part of predictive or preventive maintenance to avoid break-downs and loss of production.

On-site services

Calibration Laboratories ensure client satisfaction by offering services with a high degree of technical skill at competitive prices.

Instrumentation Support

The laboratories offer instrumentation support either on their own premises or on-site, whichever suits client requirements. These services are currently provided in the following sectors:

The laboratories’ on-site measurement services include a wide variety of tests:
Testing and validation calibration of welding machines
Testing and calibration of welding ovens and portable electrode-drying ovens
Power Quality Measurement of all important electrical parameters
Pressure & Vacuum
Pressure and vacuum gauges, recorders, transducers
Thermocouples and RTD
Transducers and transmitters
Temperature controllers
Special Purpose
Radio detection – locating under ground pipes, cables, etc
Testing and gas detection, environmental monitoring
Testing sound and ultrasound levels
Calibration Laboratory
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