To accommodate more than 25,000 employees, whose numbers are continuously growing as the company’s operations expand throughout the Middle East, Kharafi National is creating a series of residential camps in Kuwait and other countries. KN designs, builds and operates these camps itself.

The company has a well-earned reputation as a caring employer. The standards, range of amenities and pleasant environments of these camps are well in excess of international norms and Kharafi National has raised the bar for labour accommodation in the Arabian Gulf region.

Kharafi National’s camps are designed as residential and recreational villages. To give a sense of social harmony, the rooms are clustered within the buildings to allow plenty of space for social gatherings and easily accessible service areas. This feeling of internal spaciousness is complemented externally by pedestrian walkways wide enough for fire trucks in case of emergency.

Indeed safety standards are exemplary and each camp has advanced fire-alarm, fire-fighting and personal security systems. Emergency drills are held on a regular basis.

Reflecting the company’s multi-national nature, KN’s residential camps serve a variety of ethnic cuisines – Arab, Asian vegetarian and non-vegetarian, Filipino, Thai and Romanian. In most cases the kitchen facilities are centralized and are designed to cater for several thousand residents more than a camp’s current accommodation capacity, allowing the output of meals to be expanded easily as a camp is inevitably extended.

Facilities in these camps include laundry services, round-the-clock paramedical assistance with dedicated ambulance service, recreational rooms with satellite TVs and table games, public telephone services, and gymnasia, ie, everything necessary to provide a comfortable communal home-away-from-home for the company’s manual workforce.

Many of the camps have a full range of sports facilities, such as football, cricket, basketball, and volley ball. In addition, to encourage and explore the innate talents of its employees, KN sponsors, organizes, and supports colourful cultural and sports events in its residential camps.

The company always provides transport to and from work sites and regular bus services for trips to nearby cities. Residents can usually use an on-site cashier’s office for the payment of salaries and to undertake other financial transactions. Some of the camps are currently having internet and emailing facilities installed.

By providing its workers with comfortable accommodation, three well-balanced meals a day, superior cleaning and laundry services, as well as excellent recreational amenities, KN endeavours to relieve the inevitable stress of working far from home and family. Besides enhancing its reputation as a caring employer, KN’s of providing exemplary residential accommodation ensures high levels of productivity in the field.

In addition, the harmonious coexistence of employees from different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, who have widely differing life styles, within the same accommodation facilities is a fine example of the Culture of Excellence that epitomises Kharafi National.